Prenatal Health

Prental Health

For women who are pregnant, there is no aspect of life more important than health. Not only must one take steps to ensure optimal health of the expecting mother, but also the child developing in the womb.

Everything a pregnant woman eats, drinks or ingests could have a potential impact on the health of her baby. Therefore, it is of critical importance that women who are pregnant eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients, while avoiding junk food to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, pregnant moms should avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs unless specifically directed to do so by her OBGYN or Primary Care physician.

Pregnant moms must exercise caution during physical activity such as working out, sticking to an exercise regimen that poses no threat to the physical health or development of the baby.

The purpose of this website is to provide accurate, professionally-written and expert-reviewed information pertaining to prenatal health, best practices to ensure optimal health during pregnancy; and what to avoid in terms of both what not to ingest and which other behaviors/actions should be avoided in order to ensure the best possible health of baby - both while inside the womb and in the days, weeks and months following birth.

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