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Vitamin D Essential to Both Maternal AND Fetal Health During Pregnancy

Posted by Prenatal Health on May 5, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Vitamin D Critically Important for Both Mother and Baby

"Adequate vitamin D intake is essential for maternal and fetal health during pregnancy." This according to the abstract of a study conducted by South Korean scientists regarding the effects of Vitamin D on pregnant women and their developing infants.

A separate study claims that low vitamin D levels impact fertility in women, claiming that impaired fertility, endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome all occur with increased frequency in women who have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

A third study conducted by scientists and medical researchers from Australia determined that "fertility may be impaired in mothers with low vitamin D."

In addition to the aforementioned, other studies have linked vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy to an increased vulnerability of her child - once born of course - to a host of illnesses and conditions ranging from childhood allergies to ADHD to autism to asthma and a number of others that don't start with the letter "A".

The reality is that it may be some time still before mankind discovers all of the diseases and harmful conditions which are more likely to occur in people with insufficient vitamin D or whose mothers were vitamin D deficient while pregnant.

The relationship between healthy intake of vitamin D during pregnancy and the overall health of both the mother and baby in intricately intertwined, although the details and specifics are only just starting to be understood by medical science. There will be more studies released in the upcoming months and years, and the profound effects of the "sunshine vitamin" (which is actually technically a hormone) will be all that much better understood a couple of years from now.

What is known is that when mothers take vitamin D3 supplements during pregnancy (D3 is supposedly vastly superior to D2, according to numerous resources), both they and their developing babies are healthier, both throughout the course of the pregnancy and afterward and on into childhood.

If you're pregnant or TTC (trying to conceive), it is in both the best interests of you and your future baby for you to have your vitamin D levels tested, and if low start a supplement regimen determined by your doctor or healthcare practitioner asap.

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