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Maternity Support Fan Site Helps Clarify Product's Disappearance, Reappearance Into the Marketplace

Posted by Prenatal Health on September 21, 2012 at 1:00 AM

Prenatal Cradle Fan Site Helps Ease Confusion of Moms-to-Be

A website formed to help consumers and retailers find a product that temporarily disappeared from the market while its manufacturer restructured and rebranded is developing a fan following all its own.

When Prenatal Cradle, Inc closed up show and went out of business with no warning and no explanation, consumers and retailers alike were bewildered and befuddled at how and why a company that appeared to be so successful could just disappear. Complicating matters was that the website, which had been located at a very similar domain name (imagine it without the dash), just disappeared rather than publish some going-out-of-business message to give all concerned parties a heads' up. was founded by a consumer who managed to track down a company that is apparently the successor organization to Prenatal Cradle, Inc. The site provides a detailed explanation of what a Prenatal Cradle is and what it's for, as well as where people who wish to buy it can obtain it.

While this may seem somewhat trivial to many, to all the pregnant women out there who just wanted a little relief, this website was nothing short of a Godsend.

For anyone wondering, the new company that manufactured the line of maternity support products is called It's You Babe, and expecting mothers can purchase the item at a medical supply company known for pregnancy care and maternity support items.

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